django-assets bundles

If django-assets is installed, module djangocodemirror.assets will be automatically loaded to enable asset bundles for available configurations settings.CODEMIRROR_SETTINGS.

Also a variable djangocodemirror.assets.DJANGO_ASSETS_INSTALLED will be set to True if django-assets is installed, else False.

Be aware that every configurations will be bundled, you may disable configurations you don’t use to avoid too much time on bundle compress.

Configuration bundle name

Default behavior is to automatically fill bundle names using configuration name within a template string (either settings.CODEMIRROR_BUNDLE_CSS_NAME or settings.CODEMIRROR_BUNDLE_JS_NAME).

Optionnally you can define a custom name for each of bundle kind (css or js).

If you want to disable bundles for a configuration simply set bundle names to None in parameters:

    'mode': 'foo',
    'css_bundle_name': None,
    'js_bundle_name': None,